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Emergency Plan

John Baldwin Elementary School regularly holds safety drills to prepare our campus and staff for the event of a major emergency. The safety of each person on our campus is of the utmost importance. In case of a school-wide disaster please note the following:

The school will use the automated phone calling system to call each household and provide them with as much information as possible - including specific instructions on picking up students.

Given that in an actual emergency (earthquake, flood, fire, power failure, or freeway disaster), phone lines may not be operable, please plan on using the following pick-up procedures:

  • Our Student Release Area will be located at the Iron Horse Trail gate near Paraiso Drive. Parents should remain off campus and access the Student Release Area via the Iron Horse Trail only. To ensure the safety of your student, NO student will be released to any individual unless that individual is on the student's Emergency Card AND is able to show identification. This includes parents, relatives, friends and neighbors. Students will ONLY be released through the Student Release Area.
  • Please walk to the Student Release Area or park on Paraiso or neighboring streets to avoid congestion on Brookside or the front entrance of the campus. This area needs to be reserved for emergency vehicles.
  • Keep your student's Emergency Card updated. Remember, no student will be released to any person NOT on the Emergency card.
  • Inform those on your student's Emergency card that they will need to have IDENTIFICATION with them to have a student released to their care.
  • Talk to your student about what YOU plan to do in the event of a major emergency.
  • Know that your student's safety is our #1 priority!
  • If it is necessary to relocate our students due to an emergency, the school district will provide buses and you will be notified of their location. The default location is Osage Park/Charlotte Wood Middle School.

Our Safety plan is reviewed and revised on a regular basis. Updates will be communicated to the John Baldwin community.

Emergency Pick Up