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Programs Funded by CEF

For the 2020/2021 school year, the positions and programs funded by CEF include: 
*Note all listed positions and programs will function and thrive in both distance learning and in person learning capacities.

  • Library Media Coordinator (TK-5)
  • Reading Specialist (TK-5)
  • Math Instructional Assistant (TK-5)
  • Literacy Instructional Assistant (TK-5)
  • Education Software and Licensing Fees  (ex: Typing Programs, Raz Kids)
  • CEF Operating Expenses (Accounting, Insurance, Non-Profit Dues)

In order to continue these valued programs, we need everyone to contribute. Each student benefits every day from your tax-deductible CEF donation. 

Click here to learn more about CEF's Fundraising events and programs

Norma Andres

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