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We are the Baldwin Cougars!
Baldwin Cougars

Welcome to Mrs. Smart's Kindergarten Class!

Kindergarten is FUN!!
Dreambox Math

Dreambox Math is a great way for students to practice their math skills.  It is an adaptive program, so it changes based upon your child's skill level. 

                                             The class code is 62216

Class Site Link for Dreambox

                                              Parent Letter for Access Information

Raz Kids Reading

RAZ Kids reading is a great site for children to practice their reading skill.  Please feel free to email me if you feel the level for your child needs to be adjusted either up or down.

                               Teacher name is:    lsmart7


       All students have the bunny password.  There is additional information on how to use and access Raz Reading on my curriculum page (link on left side of home page), from the curriculum link go to the Reader's Workshop link (again, left sidebar on curriculum page)  on the right side of the page you will find a link for RAZ Reading.


SRUVSD Student Portal to access District apps such as Keyboarding Without Tears, Dreambox, Raz Kids, etc.

Keyboarding Without Tears is a good keyboarding program for students to practice keyboarding skills.  

                 To access students will need to go to their student portal.  (

Once in their portal, look down at the bottom of the page for a menu.   If the KWT tile is not on the student desktop, you will find it at John Baldwin Applications menu on the bottom of the screen. (This should only have to be done once, the tile should show up on the desktop going forward.)

Additional information to log in:

User Name:  jb.(first initial last name) no spaces

Password:  ID#(student number) Capital ID#

Click on the KWT App

                       NOTE: Students can also access Dreambox and various other resources and District  supported apps by going through their student portal. 


Go Noodle YOga and Brain Breaks

We love Go Noodle in our classroom for Yoga and Brain Breaks!  Maximo is our favorite!  We do Yoga and dancing with Maximo on a daily basis.  Scroll through our Twitter Page to see your child in action working with Maximo!

                      Go Noodle




I use Twitter as my main daily / weekly classroom communication tool.

If you scroll through our classroom Twitter feed, you will find that there are many videos and pictures of the children actually playing math games, videos of the reading and writing practices and lessons, and lots of pictures of the fine art lessons that we do in school.  You may even want to use what you see your child doing in some of these "snapshots of classroom learning" to practice math, reading, and writing skills with your child at home.

    I typically find that using Twitter to report daily happenings is much more informative than bi-weekly newsletters.  You will need to set up a Twitter account, and request to follow our class in order to have access to our classroom account (simply click on the icon above and request to follow).    

    The account is protected, only members of the John Baldwin community have access to my classroom account.  

Please be sure to sign a media release for your child! 

                                                                                               Thank you!!


Weekly / Daily Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year
Weekly / Daily Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year
Volunteer and Driver Clearance Link

Hello Parents,

Please view how to obtain district clearance for driving and volunteering in the classroom.


Volunteer Calendar 2019-2020

Volunteer Calendar Sign Up Document 2019-2020


As your child’s teacher, it is my goal to teach your children the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten, and prepare them with a strong academic foundation.  The Kindergarten curriculum emphasizes academic, social, physical, and emotional development taught within a nurturing, engaging environment.  Since each student arrives on the 1st day of kindergarten at a different stage of readiness, I teach these skills at a level appropriate to the development of each child.  My goal is to help your child maintain a positive self-image and develop responsibility and independence.  All skill requirements for kindergarten are based on the state framework and district guidelines.  The common core standards and  are available, in detail, on the district website  or linked directly to the common core standards.

**Please reference the specific curriculum pages (located in the menu to the left) for more information on each of the content areas.**

Kindergarten Report Card

Hi Parents,

View the SRVUSD Kindergarten Report Card for 2018-19.

Baldwin's Bell Schedule and District Calendar for 2019-2020

Baldwin Bell Schedule


District Calendar

Important Dates To Remember
Mr. and Mrs. Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Smart

I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year!  I LOVE teaching, and I especially love teaching Kindergarten!  

I have been teaching for over 30 years in grades K-5, 24 of those years have been at Baldwin teaching grades K-3. In addition to teaching in the classroom I have also taught technology to students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, and have spent four summers as a reading intensive teacher in grades first through third.


My husband, Kent, and I have been married for 33 years and have two children, Ashley and Taylor. Ashley received her Ph.D from UCSF in neuroscience and bio-engineering and is currently a postdoc at Stanford. She and her husband, Bryan (also a Ph.D currently working for Google), live in San Francisco. Taylor works as a computer programmer and product developer, he and his fiance, Sarabeth, and their puppy Kaya live in San Francisco and are planning a September 2019 wedding in Vermont.


Kent and I live in Orinda with our 12 and a half year old boxer dog, Cooper. 


Ashley, Taylor, Cooper, and Guinness
Ashley, Taylor, Cooper, and Guinness
Cooper and Mrs. Smart
Cooper and Mrs. Smart