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Swenson's 505 Superstars

Mr. Swenson's 505 Superstars

The 505 Superstars believe in building a community of learners in which every student can develop and grow ideas.  We believe in helping each other learn and motivating each other to reach for our hearts' desires.

Current Assignments

Daily Reading

Students should read for 20-30 minutes every day.  They should log their reading at school as well as their homework reading; reading logs are provided.  They will turn in their reading logs every Friday.  When they receive their logs back they should keep them for the entire year as we will be analyzing them together at the end of the year.


Additionally, students should refer to their reading learning progressions and select an area of focus to work on when they read.  Learning progressions can be located in their blue reader's folder.  I have attached a copy of the reading log as well as both of the learning progressions we will use throughout the year.

Assigned: 01/11/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 01/18/19

Daily Math Practice

Students should practice the problem sets and homework pages we worked on in class each day.  The problem sets and homework pages are in their green Eureka Math Workbooks.


There are online instructional videos for every single lesson I will teach under the curriculum tab of this website.


Students should practice for 30 minutes.


If students want extra math practice they are welcome to play the math games on Dreambox as often as they like.

Assigned: 01/11/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 01/18/19