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Principal's Message


John Baldwin Community,

It has been a pleasure to see many of you during these first few days of school and at our Back to School Nights. As I have mentioned  during a few of my presentations, there are a number of exciting initiatives taking place on our campus during this 2019-20 school year. I wanted to highlight a few of those in the Cougar Weekly this week. I would like to emphasize that these implementations fall under our district initiatives to promote the social/emotional well-being of our students and to provide an academic environment were all of our students can thrive:

Sanford Harmony Social Emotional Curriculum Implementation- This curriculum is being introduced district wide in classrooms to help build community, empathy, and caring for others. In the link above, you can learn a little more about Sanford Harmony.

Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI)- Our TK-2 grade teachers will be partnering with Coyote Creek Elementary school and participating in onsite professional development hosted by SVMI over the course of the school year to study mathematical practices and student learning. In addition, we will send representatives to offsite training to further grow math instruction. Check out SVMI's twitter feed for a glimpse of some of their training.

TWIG Science - Our students are being introduced to a new district wide science adoption this year that is inquiry and discovery based. Our teachers will be working in partnership with our science teacher, Teresa Pierce, to implement this curriculum.

Literacy Instruction - John Baldwin will continue to build upon our literacy instruction that we are known for. This year, 3-5th grade teachers will receive onsite training from the Teachers College Readers and Writers Project. In addition, our site literacy team will continue to grow our practices for all grade levels. I provided a link that gives an overview of workshop.

All these initiatives tie into our site focus of supporting student learning via joy, wonder, differentiation, and engagement (see below visual). This comes with a great investment of time and energy. We are looking forward to seeing the payoff in the well being and education of our students!

Thank you for your continued partnership in your child's learning!